Distributors & OEM Connect with your dealers

Pilot is a streamlined Point of Sale and Web Store for retailers that sell parts and accessories. It can be integrated with distributor and OEM systems in a number of ways to allow dealers to easily sell your product, in store and online.

Pilot helps your dealers:

  1. Sell in-store
  2. Sell online
  3. Fulfill orders
  4. Maintain inventory
Pricing (It's free!)

We provide Pilot completely free for dealers as long as they are using only a single supplier and are referred by a distributor or OEM. This allows dealers to sell your products at no charge to them, or upgrade in the future to use Pilot with their whole dealership.

An essential part of any retail store, the Pilot Point of Sale allows retailers to accomplish every task needed to get customers in and out quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Loaded with your products

Preloaded with your products, retailers can search by both vendor SKU, manufacturer SKU and UPC allowing them to sell in one click without entering product data for every item.

Connected to your inventory

The Pilot Point of Sale system shows not only the dealers own inventory, but can be setup to display distributor inventory levels, helping people make sales decisons without the need to call in.

Competitor interchange guide

Do you carry aftermarket products that cross reference to an OEM? We have you covered. Pilot allows retailers to see aftermarket equivalents to OEM and even other aftermarket parts.

A flexible eCommerce solution designed for brick-and-mortar retailers who want to sell online. Consists of the Pilot web catalog and a hosted shopping cart. Use together or separately.

Beautiful Product Catalog

The Pilot web catalog installs seamlessly into your dealers website and allows them to quickly begin selling your products online. Dealers can set their own pricing and even show stock status based on your inventory levels. Works equally well if you dropship, or dealers maintain their own inventory. Installation is as simple as adding a YouTube video.

Marine dealers

Includes advanced filtering options to allow consumers to search for aftermarket parts by year, make, model, model number or even serial number.

Flexible Shopping Cart

Securely hosted, brandable shopping cart made for the Pilot web catalog but also works with external product catalogs and parts diagrams. Dealers use their own UPS, FedEx and merchant accounts for shipping rate calculation and payment processing.

Complete control, standard. Features such as direct purchase order uploads, automatic purchase order creation and optimum stocking level estimates simplify the complex.

Automatic Inventory Ordering

Automate your workflow Purchase orders will be automatically created for orders received with parts that are not currently in stock.

Intelligent Reordering For high volume dealers Pilot can automatically reorder fast-moving parts in order to keep the minimum level in stock to adequately fill orders. Keep your dealers stocked so they always have enough on hand to fill an order.

Easy Purchase Orders

Purchase orders can be exported from Pilot in the exact format needed to upload to your system, sent automatically via email, or even uploaded directly in one click if you have a way to electronically receive POs.

Dropshipping, made easy

Do you dropship for your dealers? Pilot can be setup to send orders to you automatically as soon as a dealer approves them, electronically or via email. Distributors can even use Pilot to print shipping labels and fill orders on behalf of your retailers.

100% of the integration is provided free of charge on our end; we are only limited by the availability of your data. Text files, spreadsheets and API interfaces are no problem.

Integration levels

Basic Even without an electronic interface, we can sync with your system. Pricing and product files will be entered into Pilot, to work with both the Point of Sale and web catalog, and pushed instantly to all dealers stores. Updates happen on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Advanced Distributors with an electronic interface to their systems can benefit from tight integration with Pilot.
We can stay in sync with your products and pricing, allow retailers to display your entire product catalog online, view your inventory and upload purchase orders in one click, among numerous other benefits. Realtime or daily updates.