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Crowley Systems, Inc
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We are here to make good software

Software should be simple and easy to use. The first version of Pilot was developed slowley, over a few years. Instead of adding more features we found better ways to work with less. Ease of use and flexability beats bells and whistles every time.

First and foremost, customers are the key to our success. We answer to you, not stockholders, shareholders, or board members. We continue the tradition of amazing customer service.

Grew out of a successful company

Pilot was originally developed in house by Crowley Marine. We tried many different software options, but couldn’t find any that would support both retail and online sales and wasn’t bloated with features or too inflexible to use for our purposes. So we decided to make our own.

Pilot supports our entire day to day operations and if there is a problem with it we will be the first to know. Many of the same people answering support questions also use Pilot in a retail setting daily and know it inside and out.

Built from the ground up for you

We took what we learned over the last few years and used it to completely redesign Pilot from the ground up to be flexible enough to work with almost every industry. From clothing stores to hobby stores to boat and powersports dealers, we have you covered.